About Us

Welcome to Budgetopolis!

I invite you to join our community. Budgetopolis is intended to become a lively, fun community for those who are interested in personal finance, family businesses, and, as the name implies, budgets in the “real world”.

This blog is run by Andrew. I am a 40-something husband, father of two, small business owner, and employee. We live in the SE USA. I am the primary breadwinner for my family; my dear wife is the backbone of our home, as a stay-at-home mother, scheduler, and “domestic engineer”. She was a classroom teacher in public schools for 14 years, and now teaches our youngest at home.

I am trying to learn to use a budget better. I started this blog to share tips I learn with you, and to learn tips from you. I hope to gain a better understanding of how to live within my means, and how to increase those means to better provide for my family.

You are welcome to share this page with others of like mind. I welcome comments, tips, and suggestions on how to make this site better.

I plan to share real life examples of family budgets, both from “budget gurus” and from “us regular folks”. I would also like to share ideas for small family businesses, cottage industries, legitimate work-at-home systems, and ways for people to make money in their spare time, from their home. I love the idea of being in business for yourself, especially if you can share the business with your family. I own a small business currently in the entertainment industry, and my older child helps me frequently.