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Coupon Sharing – It is Saving or Stealing?

Ethical question regarding coupon sharing

I saw a post by Daniel over at Sweating the Big Stuff regarding how he used PF skills to make a new friend and brighten someone’s day by coupon sharing.

Coupon sharing - image of coupon

Coupon sharing – ok or not?

The basic story is in relation to his purchase of an umbrella. As I understand the article, he lost his umbrella and went to get a new one at Gap. He found a Gap coupon and intended to use that.

However, when he arrived, the store had a special going for 30% off umbrellas. Therefore,, so he didn’t need the coupon. After his purchase, as he was leaving the store, he handed off the coupon to another customer who had a lot of items… coupon sharing, in other words.

Daniel said the other customer was very appreciative.

In the comment section, Kevin said he felt Daniel was stealing from the store by coupon sharing. Kevin felt that if the store wanted everyone to save 30%, they would reduce prices store wide by 30%. Coupon sharing by giving his coupon to a customer who was prepared to pay full price was, in Kevin’s opinion, in effect “stealing” that 30% from the store.

Daniel felt that since the coupon was not unique (it was not addressed to him specifically), then anyone could use it. He gave it to someone, and put a smile on their face.

Personally, we get coupons in our local, weekly newspaper. My wife clips the coupons we can use, and then I take the remainder to work and give them to a co-worker.  She has a little boy and a baby on the way.

My wife was not a Coupon Queen. More like a Coupon Duchess. She was good at it, but didn’t really get started couponing until a couple of years ago. This year, many of the stores have stopped the coupon doubling and tripling. She still uses coupons, but the savings are not as extreme as they were in the past.

What do you think about coupon sharing? Do you think that if a store intended for the coupon to be used by a specific customer, it would restrict that to a specific customer? Do you think the store simply wants to increase traffic, and would prefer to have a sale, even if it is a discounted sale?


Budgetopolis, a budget blog!

Welcome to Budgetopolis, a blog about budgeting!

And… we are live!

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Budgetopolis – a blog about budgeting for families

I welcome you to join our community. We are a brand new personal finance and budget blog, started in August, 2014. I got the idea for this blog from Michelle at Making Sense of Cents, and Holly from ClubThrifty.

Budgetopolis is intended to become a lively, fun community for those who are interested in personal finance, family businesses, and more. As the name implies, this is a budget blog, to talk  about budgeting. I am just starting to use a budget for our family again. I want to see how others use budgets in the “real world”, and I hope you will share real life examples.

This budget blog is run by me, Andrew. This is my very first blog of any kind, so I’m learning how to run a blog. 🙂

I am a 40-something husband, father of two, small business owner, and employee. We live in the SE USA.

I am the primary breadwinner for my family; I have a corporate day job with a very large flooring manufacturer. In addition, I have a mobile DJ business. I have been a DJ for about eight years, and in business for myself for three. Once I figure out how to “do” this budget blog successfully, I plan to add a blog for DJ-related topics to my DJ business website.

My dear wife is the backbone of our home, as a stay-at-home mother, scheduler, and “domestic engineer”. I jokingly say she was a “certified Early Childhood Teacher” for 12 years. Then, after teaching kindergarten for two years, she was “certifiable”. 🙂 She is now a “recovering” public school teacher, and traded her classroom with thirty kids for a classroom with one student, our youngest daughter.

I started this budget blog in part because I am trying to learn to use our personal budget better. I am also trying to learn to use a budget for my small business. I want to share budget and financial tips with you, and to learn tips from you. I hope to gain a better understanding of how to live within my means, and how to increase those means to better provide for my family.

You are welcome to share this budget blog with others of like mind. I hope you will share comments, tips, and suggestions on this blog. Budgeting, personal finance, coupons and other money savers, small business, family business, increasing income, decreasing expenses… anything related to money and wealth building for families. Please let me how to make this site better.

I plan to share real life examples of family budgets, both from “budget gurus” and from “us regular folks”. I would also like to share ideas for small family businesses, cottage industries, “side hustles”, legitimate work-at-home systems, blogging for profit, and other ways for people to make money in their spare time, from their home. I love the idea of being in business for yourself, especially if you can share the business and work with your family!

Again, welcome to Budgetopolis! Thank you so much for visiting. I truly hope you will stay with us!